Friday, December 4, 2009

The good, the bad, and...the ugly

The Good:
This year since we now have a new home, able to accommodate a lot more people, we decided to take on the task and adventure of having everyone come over for Thanksgiving dinner. It started off just being my family (5) and my in-laws (2) plus Rob and me (2). Then Rob's middle sister, Elaine, who lives in Vegas, decided to bring her family and come up to Utah for Thanksgiving. So when she asked what our plans were, we invited her family (6) to join us. We figured, now that we have a large kitchen why not?! But Elaine had already made plans to join their brother Dave and his family (4) for dinner, but they didn't have any set plans so they decided to come over as well. Rob has another brother, Don, who lives in Utah and we didn't want him and his family to be left out, being the only people not coming (aside from his 2 sisters and brother-in-law that live in California) so we invited them as well (4). Making a grand total of 23 people that showed up at our house for Thanksgiving dinner. As crazy as it sounds, it actually wasn't that big of a deal. Having a lot of people made for a lot of side dish assignments and leaving me only really needing to provide the big things, like the turkey and the ham, for the most part. It is also nice when it comes to cleaning, many hands means quick and easy clean up :)

I have to say, Thanksgiving was a huge success and we are very happy to have a place where all of us can be together under one roof for the holidays.

I have a rule that, as much as I may want to, I will not put up the Christmas tree or any decorations until after Thanksgiving. So, Friday was reserved for our annual Black Friday shopping, leaving the Saturday after Turkey day, "put up the tree day" :) Rob reluctantly helped and we got it done. Here is a photo of our humble Christmas tree. Right now it is the only piece of furniture in our front room, but at least something is in there now.

Tomorrow, we put up our Christmas lights....I say "we" but you know what I really mean ;)

The bad:
Two years ago we had to send our Boxer, Ginger to the vet to have a tumor removed from her back. Tumors are fairly common in boxers and sure enough, just recently we found another one in her neck. So on Tuesday I had to take her in to get it removed. She was in surgery for about an hour and now she has a 2 inch incision on her neck. The last one left a big scar so we're hoping this one will heal a little better.

Every Tuesday and Thursday (well, ALMOST) for the past few months Rob has been waking up at 5:30 am to play basketball at the stake center with the elders quorum. Several weeks ago Rob came home early because he rolled his ankle coming down from a rebound, it was the same ankle he had broken a few years ago so it was already fairly weak. So he stayed off it for a few weeks then decided he was good to go again. So he thought....yesterday, after leaving the house around 5:45 he came stumbling back around 7:00 howling in pain. He had come down and landed on his ankle funny tweaking it so bad he thought for sure he broke it. It was so swollen and hurt so bad he decided we'd better go to the ER to get an Ex Ray and see for sure. 2 hours and $50 later we discovered it wasn't broken but he did have a type 3 sprain. The doctor said it was too swollen to see if the ligaments were completely torn so we have to wait a few weeks for it to heal a little to determine if he's going to have to have surgery to repair the ligaments.

The Ugly:
Here's Ginger's incision a few days after her surgery.

This is his ankle the day after he sprained it, it was even more swollen yesterday....