Wednesday, April 13, 2011

IT'S A....

For all of you that are dying to find out what Rob and I are having, I will not keep you in suspense any longer. We are 110% having a little baby....


I REALLY wanted a boy but for some reason thought I was going to have a girl, so I was super excited when I saw the ultrasound tech put those 3 little letters on the screen...B..O..Y! Rob is super proud to be having a son that he can teach how to play guitar, skateboard and pass on his G.I. Joe collection to.

We haven't come up with any names yet, mainly because we were waiting to see what we were having before we really started thinking about it and the few we've both thrown out there the other person hasn't liked. So, I think we're beginning a LONG journey of naming our first child, Rob likes traditional names where I like names that are a little more unique, so we'll see what we end up coming up with.

The tech was in awe, although after seeing the two of us and our parents, not very surprised, to discover the extremely long arms and legs of our little one. She also said that everything looks very normal and very healthy, which ultimately is what we really wanted to hear.

Below are some pictures of my belly, and our little baby boy. Enjoy! :)

5 months!

Not the best pic, I know, but imagine him laying on his back and his legs are spread. He definitely wasn't shy about showing us the jewels ;)