Friday, August 13, 2010

So many updates, so little time!

I've been TERRIBLE at blogging lately, even though I have lots to blog about. Nothing too major, don't get too excited, just some fun stuff we've done during the summer that I wanted to share, there's kind of a lot so try to keep up. :)

For starters, back in the beginning of June was mine and Rob's 3 year wedding anniversary, so as a gift to me, Rob got us tickets to go see Huey Lewis and the News live in Wendover! (I grew up listening to them and am a HUGE fan) We had 3rd row seats and stayed the night at the Montego Bay, it was a great gift!
Rob also had to go to San Diego for work on June 4th, (I know, bummer right?) so we decided to make a little vacation out of it to celebrate our anniversary. Rob worked for Clear Channel as the director of promotions and marketing for 4 of the 7 stations they own locally. The morning show for KOSY 106.5 was giving away a trip to Sea World so they all went out there to do a live broadcast from the park. So, naturally, Rob and I got tickets to the park! We were also put up in a beautiful resort right on Mission Beach with our own private cabana in a private cove. You literally opened our front door and stepped onto the beach! Not only that, but we had our own little fire pit right in front of our room as well. It was perfect! We also had a personal bell hop/chauffeur that led us to our cabana by bicycle, it was this cute little old man, so adorable I had to take a photo!

So our SD vacation consisted of getting sunburned at Sea World, bonfires, visiting my childhood town, Escondido, strolling through Balboa Park, free all you can eat breakfast buffet at the resort right by the water, the most amazing steak dinner I've probably ever had, brunch with two of Rob sister's and brother-in-law, visiting old friends, and taking the LONGEST evening "stroll" of our entire lives that led to getting lost, extremely sore feet, and having to take a cab ride home. It was a wonderful little mini-vacation and a great way to celebrate our 3rd year of marriage!

Our room at the Paradise Point Resort
Our fire pit right outside our cabana
Rob's sisters, Melinda and Charity and her husband Rick
Sea World

Balboa Park

One of Rob's old friends from the mission and his wife and son
Later that month my sister and I went to Strawberry days and rode a few rides, got some henna tattoos and of course, indulged in some famous strawberries and cream! mmm

We also went hiking up passed Kawanis park in Pleasant Grove by the 'G'. There's a big waterfall up there and some amazing views of the valley!
As a tradition, my sister and I always go to the annual Fourth of July parade and Freedom Festival in Provo. This year was no exception. Parade, breakfast at IHOP, and then all the vendors, carnival food and more henna tattoos you can handle!

My Alma mater's marching band
Some exciting news in the Nish family, if you haven't already heard, Rob got a new job! At the end of July Rob got hired on at the Miller Motorsports Park as their High Performance Driving School Brand Manager! So, after almost 5 years at Clear Channel, and I don't know how many years in radio and media, Rob has moved on to a new chapter in his career and a whole new change of pace and atmosphere. So far he really loves it and it's fun to go to the track on the weekends to watch the different races and events they have going on.

Since Rob was leaving he had a few more vacation days at Clear Channel for the year so of course he decided to take them! So we went to Washington, to the Tri-cities to visit our really good friends, Darin and Jenn and their amazingly gorgeous 3 year old, Ivy. Darin is also a photographer so we always have a lot to talk about and shoot when we're together, and he is also a classic car owner and has a beautiful bright red Ford Fairlane. So between that, the kayak shop they own out there, the Columbia river, and the boat races going on the weekend, we had a lot of fun things to do!

Darin's Fairlane
Photo shoot with Darin Warnick
Watching the boat races
Paddle Boarding on the Columbia
Bike rides along the Columbia river
Well that's my sum up of our summer so far. I'll try not to be such a slacker at this.