Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saved by the....Chevelle

So the other night Rob and I went over to my parent's house to visit after dinner. They live in Saratoga Spring, Ut and there is a long stretch of road to get to their home that was recently widened from a two lane to a four lane road. EVERY time I drive down that road I see several cops, without fail.

So, it was no surprise that as we were driving back we were side by side with a police car. Now we weren't speeding or anything like that so it should have been fine, except for the fact that we were in our yet-to-be-registered Chevelle with Mississippi plates. Sure enough, the cop ran our plates and within seconds his lights were flashing. Rob looks over at me and tells me the he had forgotten the bill of sale and title at the house. Greeeeaat!

The cop comes over to Rob's side of the car and says "ok, so what we need to do is get side by side, and wait til no one's around", joking that he wanted to race us. Rob was oblivious and thought he was saying we were going to need to follow him down to the station. haha.

Then he told us he ran our plates and nothing came up, we explained to him that we had just purchased the car and driven it back from Mississippi and hadn't had a chance to register it yet. Hoping he wouldn't ask for proof of purchase. The cop said that was fine and was impressed by our ride and the 396 under the hood. He asked Rob if he's ever seen how fast it can go. Rob told him we drove Route 66 back from MS and at one point got it up to about 105-110. The cop laughed and seemed amused. He then leaned into the car and said "ok, so after this car you're clear and there isn't going to be another cop for at least two miles. So we'll just pretend I'm not here. You guys have a good night".

So the cop is basically telling us he wants to see the Chevelle in action. So what does Rob do? He floors it! I think we got up to 90 miles an hour before letting off the gas. The cop followed for a minute then turned around once we slowed down and went the other way.

I think that's the first and LAST time we'll ever get told by a police man to speed. It's a good thing we got pulled over by a cop that appreciates classic cars and big engines.

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