Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New England Update

I got a little lazy and didn't blog last night, so now I have to make up for it and cover the last two days.

On Monday we awoke in Boston and headed over to see the well known Boston Common. It's 44 acres and sits right smack in the middle of down town Boston. It is an absolutely gorgeous park that is beautifully manicured and extremely peaceful. Spend just 5 minutes inside the park and you forget that you're surrounded by a major metropolitan area.
After Boston Common we went down to Cambridge where we viewed my father-in-laws former mission home and one of the main areas on his mission. We saw Long Fellow Park and drove around Harvard University. From there we headed back downtown to grab lunch at the Union Oyster House, America's oldest restaurant.Comfortably stuffed and ready to relax, we left Boston and drove down the coast to Cape Cod where we hit up the beach, collected sea shells, got some ice cream, and went on an unsuccessful search for some lighthouses. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to find lighthouses in Cape Cod, but by that time it was dusk and we were in a bit of a race against time. We did however find a "lighthouse hotel"...yeah, not exactly what we were looking for. But it was still a fun way to drive around and see the town. That night we stayed at the really cozy and charming Bayside Resort Hotel. It was a brief, but pleasant trip to the cod.
The next morning we went inland to Plymouth, MA and visited the Plimouth Plantation, where they have staged Indian and Pilgrim villages with role players from the 17th century. It was really interesting to see and learn the real story about the pilgrims and the relationships that were formed with the Indians when they landed at Plymouth rock. From there we went up the road to see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. The rock is much smaller now than it's original size due to past visitors chipping pieces off to take home as a souvenir. What's left of the rock, is now surrounded by bars and can be viewed from a small platform above it.
It's been really cool being able to view and experiences some of theses significant places in our country's history. After Plymouth we headed up north to New Hampshire where we had lunch reservations at a place called Pickity Place, which is a small cottage style restaurant/herb garden that serves a 5 course gourmet lunch using herbs and vegetables grown in their own gardens. The food was really good, the atmosphere was unique and pleasant and the view was unbelievable. It sat comfortably nestled deep in the woods of New Hampshire off the beaten path and it definitely beat eating at another restaurant chain.
After lunch we drove into Vermont where we headed out to find the birthplace of Brigham Young, which was in the very small town of Whitingham. The monument was small and hard to find, in fact, it was so hard to find that we never actually found it. We did find the sign that talked about is birthplace, but couldn't actually locate the small stone monument in his name.
Along the way to Whitingham, we stopped at some scenic overlooks, viewed a couple of covered bridges and took a few photos of the amazing landscapes and architecture around us.

That night we stayed at a really nice place called the Inn of the Six Mountains, in the ski town of Killington, VT.

That sums up days 3 and 4, I'm getting a bit of a cold and feeling crazy tired from all the traveling, so I'm gonna succumb to my laziness once again and leave you all hanging for my next blog post. Cause I'm sure all of you are just waiting on pins and needles for my next update ;)

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  1. The colors of the fall trees makes me miss Erie so much. Walking the tree lined streets, the smell of burning leaves in people's backyards, fresh pressed apple cider with cinnamon...yep, I really need a vacation:). Glad you guys are having a blast, be safe! :)