Thursday, October 15, 2009

My headboard project

Now that Rob and I actually have a fairly large master bedroom with vaulted ceilings, I decided that our bed looked a little unfinished, so I went on the hunt for a headboard. I was amazed at how expensive a piece of wood can be! All the decent headboards I found were upwards of $400 or more and the cheapest one I found was at Ikea and was nothing more than a rectangular piece of painted wood. Problem was it was still $100 and only came in a Queen.

After furnishing our kitchen, living room and front room I wasn't about to spend that kind of money on a hunk of wood, so I realized I needed to get creative. I was at RC Willey and happened upon the perfect find in their clearance section; shutters! At only $7 a piece, I could not pass them up! They came in a pretty haagard off white color so on my way home I purchased some Espresso spray paint and got to work. Approximately $50 and a few hours later, here is the finished product!

Sanding off the ugly paint


The finished product

I'm quite proud of myself with how they turned out and think I even like it more than any of the headboards I saw in the store!


  1. Stac, these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Will come help me redo my house so it actually looks like a grown-up lives there and not that the inmates are running the asylum??? LOL

  2. That is so awesome! Very creative and looks great. Your house looks wonderful!!! So jealous :)