Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our life thus far...

Well I finally decided that I should start a blog for our little family so I could keep everyone updated on our personal lives and not just my photography. So here is a little update to get everyone up to speed.

Rob and I purchased our first home just before we got married and planned to live there for two years then turn around, sell it, and move into something a little bigger, newer and nicer. So when that time came we were a little apprehensive given the recent economy but I am happy to report that we have successfully accomplished that goal! We listed our home in Sugarhouse on April 11th and exactly two months later it was sold, and we even made some money! We closed on that home on July 15th but had not found another place to move into. So, for the time being, we have been living with my in-laws in their basement while we found a new home. After many weeks, several offers and a new Realtor we finally found the perfect place. We had a little bit of a nightmare trying to close but we struggled through it and closed on our new home on August 24th. We are now in the process of painting, staining and cleaning and then we will move in!

The home was built in 1998 and is located in Draper on the lower east ridge, we have big plans for it that among completely repainting the entire main level, also include pouring a patio, updating hardware and counter tops, darkening cabinets etc. I will be posting some before and after photos once the painters are finished and cleaned up to keep everyone updated on the step by step process. It's amazing how much a little paint can completely change a home! Although it gets a little overwhelming at times, we are excited to have found a home with so much potential that we can make our own.

As far as our jobs are concerned, Rob is going on his 4th year at Clear Channel Broadcasting where he is the marketing and promotions director for 3 of the 6 radio stations that they own locally. There have been a lot of changes lately including layoffs that resulted in Rob losing all of his assistants and changing and reformatting all the radio stations under him. Despite the adjustments Rob is still loving his job and is excited to be involved in some of the recent changes. He is learning a lot and hopes it will help him continue to move up the corporate ladder.

Work has been incredibly busy for me lately as I have been juggling weddings, concerts, portraits and a few special events I have been involved with, not to mention I have also started doing more invitations, cards and customized photo albums for clients. I will also be participating in two upcoming wedding expos back to back. One on the 12th of September at the South Towne Expo Center and one the following weekend on the 19th at Thanksgiving Point. I normally only do 2 a year, so I'm not used to two in one month. But I'm hoping the exposure and hard work will continue to pay off. Wedding season is starting to wind down now though, which is nice but it's just in time for family portrait season to start up! Yes, there is a family portrait season, it usually starts about now and goes strong through October. I don't know what it is about the fall, but everyone loves to take advantage of the many photo ops that the changing leaves and vibrant colors of fall provide. So though I will be able to get a little bit of a breather, going from shooting every day to every other day, I am happy to stay busy and be doing something I love! If you'd like to stay updated on my photography, please read and follow my photography blog at

That's about it for now. Keep checking back for more updates and photos!

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